Type of treatments

1) Aesthetic and Endodontics dentistry: the goal of this type of therapy is to preserve the tooth in the oral cavity as longest as possible: decay treatment,primary indicated root canal`s treatment,secondary indicated root canal`s treatment.
2) Tooth autotransplantation with a root canal therapy of the transplantated tooth.
3) Periodontics and dental hygine: treatment of the tooth “holding”system, removal of tartar, depigmentation, home dental hygine instructions, patient`s motivation.
4) Pedodontic dentistry: complex therapy of child dentition, from the moment of the 1st teething up to 18 years age of the patient.
5) Prosthetics dentistry: rehabilitation (functional and aesthetical)/reconstruction of the dentition with fixed work (crowns, veneers, fixed bridges) or dentures.
6) Surgery: tooth extraction simple or complicated, apical resection, tooth post-traumatic treatment, tooth autotransplantation, instant tooth replantation.
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