About me

I studied 6 years long “Dentistry” programme at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, at Charles University, in Prague (2000-2006).
From Sept. 2006 i work at the Clinic of Dentistry of the General Medicine
Hospital, in Prague. During all these years i gained experience at every single Clinic`s  department (departm. of Bucco-maxillo-facial surgery, departm.of Periodontics,
departm.of Prosthetics, depart. of Child Dentistry).
I worked in the Emergency room of  the Clinic`s department of Surgery.
Since 2008 i work at the department of Aesthetic dentistry and Endodontics,where i work on more complicated cases( under the microscope treatments, re-endodontic treatment,tooth autotransplantation).
I participate in medical education of the students(Czech and English classes).

Language skills:


„Individual approach and respect” is for me the definition of  patient-doctor relation“

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